Sample Human Resources Resume

Human resource professionals are vital for managing all aspects of any organization right from hiring new employees to firing people who show negative attitude towards work. Their main role is to plan and implement company policies. Some people in the HR field may solely be responsible for hiring talent while others may be given duties related to payroll system or training employees using career development programs. General duties of the HR involve implementation of various programs and services pertaining to the employees.

Depending on the company scale, there may be different job profiles in the HR department. As such, HR resumes may vary as per organization, profile and the level of experience an individual holds. To demonstrate you possess the required skills, you would need to write a concise draft highlighting relevant skills and experience. Review the human resource resume sample given below and write your own document referring it.

Human Resources Resume

Michael H. Rodrigo
6223 Buttonwood Drive
Chicago, Illinois 64405
Phone: 829-761-1035

Career Summary:

Certified professional with 5+ years of experience of fulfilling organizational staffing requirements by screening potential candidates. Extensive background in HR domain and expertise in team building, negotiating salary, and writing corporate management policies.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

HR Assistant Manager
Laurel & Sons Company, Chicago, IL
April 2016 – Present

Human Resource Coordinator
Continuum Z Services Pvt. Ltd., Chicago, IL
December 2015 – March 2016

Human Resource Assistant
Meadow Automobiles, Chicago, IL
September 2013 – November 2015


Human Resource Intern
Trenton Consulting Services, Chicago, IL
March 2011 – August 2013

Education: Certifications:



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