Agency Recruiter's Resume

An agency recruiter typically works in an employment or recruitment agency, where he is responsible for the recruitment of personnel in the agency. This individual needs to know all the latest practices and demands in the market, as also the places from where he can hire. He needs to have good communication skills interlaced with interpersonal skills such that he can complete the given target in a stipulated time. This sample resume is about such an agency recruiter who is presently employed in the position of a recruitment manager with an organization. He has also got some professional affiliations, which would surely help him to get the desired job.

Sample Agency Recruiter's Resume

Dean Scott
462, High ST,
Reno, NV, 47823
(528) 673-2910

Career Goal

Obtain an appreciated place as the Agency Recruiter in the human resource field with the full implementation of accomplished experience and education.

Educational Background

Computer Programming Skills Professional Affiliation

Accomplish basic professional affiliation from the Agency Recruiter Managers Association of Toronto, Toronto in the year of 1993 after the succeeding Mock Test approved by the association.

Professional Skills

Professional Background

2000- Present date: Work as the Recruitment Manager for the Job Produces Center of California, California with the following responsibilities

1995- 2000: Worked as the Recruitment Manager for the Hard Rock Recruiters and work effectively in the following ways

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