Assistant Vice president of Human Resources Resume

An assistant vice president of human resources is basically a professional, who garnered enough experience to advance in the corporate ladder and become the vice president. He is among the upper tiers in the corporate hierarchy. This particular professional is responsible for all the human resources persons employed by the organization. Thus, in a way he optimizes the human resources. He has got to implement newer policies in the organization and see them through to completion. Along with the normal hiring and other works, he has to look at the entire process like a hawk from high above and find and rectify the mistakes, if there are any.

Sample Assistant Vice president Of Human Resources Resume

Jaxon Turnbull
312, Horseshoe Boulevard,
Sparks, NV, 23710
(894) 582-6842

Career Goal

Obtain a distinctive position in the human resource field with the full utilization of acquired experience and education.

Educational Background

Professional Accreditation Obtained Accomplishments Professional Background

2004- Present date: Work as the Assistant Vice President of the Human Resources Department for the Mike Jigger Corporation, Circus Square with the following work experiences as the post holder

1995- 2003: Acted as the Director of the Human Resource Department for the Clapton Company, Texas with the following work responsibilities 1995 summer: Acted as the Senior Consultant for Business Effectiveness

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