Personnel Consultant Resume

A personnel consultant works in the power of an individual who finds right candidates for a particular position in a company. In simple words, he mediates between the candidates and the prospective employers. His job is actually pretty simple. A candidate wants a good job, while the employer wants good candidates to fill the positions in their organization. The personnel consultant only bridges the gap between them and helps them both achieve their goals. But this consultant has to scrutinize the job seekers thoroughly before recommending them to the employers because his reputation and remuneration depends on the quality of candidates he provides the company with. This sample resume is of such a professional who seems to have all the requisite experience to occupy the position.

Sample Personnel Consultant Resume

Eli Powell
573, Biddeford Avenue,
Bennington, VT, 27812
(837) 438-5498

Career Goal

To find the job of a personnel consultant in a suitable agency and help it prosper by using my keen eye for choosing the right kind of candidate.

Educational Background

Professional Affiliation Professional Background

2000- Present date: Work as the Personal Consultant for the State Equipment Department, Las Vegas with the following responsibilities as the post holder

1995- 2000: Worked as the Consultant of Instruction for the Sales Instruction Development Associates at Maidens and Priests, Texas with the following responsibilities

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