Civil Law Attorney Resume

Civil law, unlike criminal law, deals with the matters related to property; be it land, intellectual, virtual or any other and also other types of personal issues. There are even more sub types of civil law which deal with different types of issues. A civil law attorney is expected to fight cases on behalf of the clients his organization represents. Although, he cannot win each and every case, he is supposed to give his best to each at hand. They are also responsible for supervising the work of junior attorneys working in the firm they are employed in. This sample resume denotes a paragon of an example of writing a resume, thus giving you one more way in which to present your information.

Sample Civil Law Attorney Resume

Jamar Bradley
463, Bloomfield,
Fort Worth, TX, 46521
(589) 574- 3728

Career Goal

Obtain a respective career as the Attorney with the law background utilizing obtained executive and professional expertise.

Educational Background

Professional Affiliation Computer Programming Skills Professional Background

2002- Present date: Work as the Attorney for the Downing, Tipton and Rodger Firm, San Diego with the following responsibilities

1998- 2002: Worked as the Deputy District Attorney for the Indianapolis District Office of Attorney, Indianapolis with the following responsibilities 1997- 1998: Worked as the Law Clerk for the New England Town Council, New England.

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