Commercial Law Attorney Resume

Commercial lawyers, who are at timesknown as corporate lawyers, practice law in the field of business in commercial ventures, conducted by corporations. They advise their clients on a range of legal issues, based on their knowledge of all the laws. With suing each other rampant between all the corporate, the demand for commercial law attorneys is sure to increase in the future. After completing the law school, this professional also has to pass the bar examination to obtain a license for practicing law. The sample resume provided on this site will surely increase your chances of obtaining your coveted job if you follow this method of writing a resume.

Sample Commercial Law Attorney Resume

Jamel Montgomery
362, Lake Road,
Arlington, TX, 34656
(282) 584- 2895

Career Goal

Obtain a respective career as the Attorney with the law background utilizing obtained executive and professional expertise.

Educational Background

Professional Affiliation Computer Programming Skills Volunteer job Background Professional Background

1997- Present date: Work as the Attorney for the Dickenson, Harris and Murray Firm, California with the following responsibilities

1995 summer: Worked for Backer, Osborn and Rhode's Legal Firm, Indianapolis during internship.
1996 summer: Worked for Rex Brown and Hemet's Associative, California during internship.

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