Correctional Officer or Peer Counselor Resume

A correctional officer, also known as a jailor in common man's language is employed in prisons or penitentiaries. They are responsible for the maintenance of peace and discipline in the institution they are employed in. They oversee the budgeting and living conditions of the inmates. There are several inmates at any given time in the facilities all over the nation. Also, the prisoners keep on changing from time to time since some are transferred to other jails while others are convicted. They also overlook the daily activities performed by the convicts and ensure that these are conducted according to set rules and procedures.

Sample Correctional Officer or Peer Counselor Resume

Javon West
428, Shoemaker Avenue,
Plano, TX, 67859
(210) 697- 4832

Career Goal

Obtain a respective career in the law field with the utilization of obtained executive and professional expertise.

Educational Background

Professional Accomplishments Professional Excellence Summary Professional Background

2002- Present date: Work as the Peer Counselor or as the Correctional Officer for the Chicago Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation Curriculum, Chicago with the following responsibilities

1998- 2002: Worked as the Correctional Executive for the Browns SECC, Dallas with the following responsibilities 1997- 1998: Worked as the Patrolman for the California Police, California by helping them in maintaining peace with took the guard of various assigned territories.

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