Court Officer Resume

This is yet another profession in the law enforcement field. Just the difference is that you will have to work in a court. Actually, a court officer, also called as bailiff, is an officer, usually armed, present in court during the trials. He has to follow the instructions given by the judge like collecting the documents, making the witness swear in, etc. Also he has to keep an eye on the entire courtroom, because he is responsible for the safety of the people present there. Moreover, while the prisoners are being transported in and out of the courtrooms, this officer helps other officers in escorting them.

Sample Court Officer Resume

Gerard Ellis
273, County Lane,
Garland, TX, 47386
(594) 237- 2812

Career Goal

Obtain a respective career in the law field with the utilization of obtained executive and professional expertise.

Educational Background

Professional Excellence Summary Professional Background

2003- Present date: Work as the Senior Court Officer for the Washington State Judicial Court, Washington with the following responsibilities

1997- 2003: Worked as the Court Officer for the Dallas State Judicial Court, Dallas with the following responsibilities

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