Environmental Law Attorney Resume

Awareness about environment and related things is increasing day by day. Also, many laws are being made to help save the environment. Each company and also residential facility has to follow a set procedure and rules so as to avoid harm to the environment around it. An environmental law attorney specializes in the environmental laws. He can be of two types. One type only advises the clients about the legal procedures to be followed while the other type works for litigation purposes. The sample furnished here gives you a good idea of writing a resume. One can freely use it without any scruples whatsoever.

Sample Environmental Law Attorney Resume

Barrett Ray
483, Orange Avenue,
Salt Lake City, UT, 43689
(102) 492- 2918

Career Goal

To obtain the position of an environmental law attorney in a law firm, where I would be allowed to utilize my knowledge of environmental laws for the preservation of environment.

Educational Background

Professional Affiliation Computer Programming Skills Professional Background

2004- Present date: Work as the Program Director of Environmental Department for the New England Environments and Researches, New England with the following responsibilities

2000- 2004: Experienced solo legal practicing with carrying following responsibilities 1997- 2000: Worked as the legal personnel for the Property Use Workshop, Dallas with the following responsibilities

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