Firefighter Resume

We have provided you with a Firefighter resume, which will catch the eye of recruiter in way to get you noticed as a potential eligible candidate. A firefighter is person who is responsible to the public in general to provide emergency services in response to sudden explosive fire incidents. His responsibility would be to implement series of physical tasks in his expertise to combat fire and bring it under immediate control. Education must include a strong knowledge about disaster management and the steps to curb such serious casual incidents. Your personal skills must constitute your strong mental as well as physical features, along with some of the encounters you have/had to safeguard the lives and property in face of such eventualities.

Sample Firefighter Resume

Anton Hudson
382, D Ninth ST,
West Valley City, UT, 63425
(212) 403- 3901

Career Goal

To be a firefighter and utilize my fearlessness for the rescue of civilians from fires by working in a fire brigade.

Educational Background

Professional Background

1999- Present date: Worked as the Fire Fighter in the Emergency Medical Associates of Dallas Fire Company, Dallas with the following responsibilities

1997- Present date: Work as the respective member of the International Organization of The Fire Photographers, New York.

1998- Present date: Member of the Chicago Fireman's Society, Chicago.

1995- 1998: Worked as the Assistant Manager for the Sweetwater Ambulance Service, Sweetwater, NY and provided emergency technical supports and hospital transport for clients.

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