Guard Resume

The job of a guard is a versatile one, because he can be employed at many places. Rather, most of the organizations require a guard for securing their premises. Hence, a guard can find employment almost anywhere in a city. There are some basic qualities one needs to exhibit if he hopes to become a guard. First of all, you need to be fearless, because you are one whom wrongdoers must be afraid of, not the other way round. Other traits required are punctuality, discipline, sincerity, etc. This applicant has got some experience working as a security guard and is now working as a bank guard. Also, he has the required certifications demanded by the job.

Sample Guard Resume

Edgar Johnston
283, E Eighth ST,
Provo, UT, 78493
(546) 219- 4032

Career Goal

To get the job of a security guard in a reputed bank through which I will get an opportunity to use my experience and innate skills for protecting it from any harm.

Educational Background

Professional Recognition Professional Background

2003- Present date: Work as the Bank Guard for the West Sweetwater Public Bank, Sweetwater with the following responsibilities

2000- 2003: Worked as the Security Guard for the Deep Purple Art Gallery and Museum, California with the following responsibilities 1998- 2000: Worked as the Property Clerk for the Orlando Police Division, Orlando with the following responsibilities 1996- 1998: Worked as the Transitional Aid for the New Jersey School Division, New Jersey with the following responsibilities

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