Judicial Law Clerk Resume

A law clerk is a position in the judicial system, which helps young law school graduates to know about a plethora of opportunities. This position can equip the graduates with knowledge about how the system really works, and make them ready for a job in the real world scenario. These people help the judges in making better decisions by aiding them with research and other things. This work gives them insights about various types of procedures going on in the courtroom. There are indeed many types of law clerks as criminal law clerk, judicial law clerk, appellate law clerk, etc. A judicial clerk specifically helps the judge in judicial matters, unlike others. This sample resume gives you a unique opportunity to crack the competition and get the job of a judicial clerk.

Sample Judicial Law Clerk Resume

Jett Cole
Providence Lane
Denver, CO, 56239
(246) 423- 2934

Career Goal

Seeking a position of a judicial law clerk in a courtroom under a judge so that I can get a glimpse of the judicial world and benefit from the judge's experience.

Educational Background

Computer Programming Skills Professional Background

2003- Present date: Work as the Law Clerk for the Justice, New York Trial Court with the following responsibilities

2000- 2003: Worked as the law clerk for the Dallas Juvenile Court, Dallas with the following responsibilities 1998- 2000: Worked as the Legal Researcher for the Government Documents Division of Washington, Washington with the following responsibilities 1997- 1998: Worked as the Feature writer along with copy editor for the California News, California with the following responsibilities

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