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We have seen hundreds of legal administrative assistants experienced in drafting petitions and other legal-related documents struggling with drafting a resume. This is because people usually don't indulge in writing it, unless they seek for a new employer or a better prospect. Moreover, there is a great difference between legal documents and the resume. Not only in tone, and format, but also in language. When drafting a petition, you have to narrate every minute detail and justify to the court why it should take a legal action against the particular person or organization named. Whereas, in the resume, you just have to specify major responsibilities handled and achievements that can prove how you contributed to the success of cases handled by your employers. Just as you use your legal documentation skills to describe everything the plaintiff need, your resume must do the same to describe your skills and experience to potential employers.

Legal Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Brett J. Barker,
4640 Leroy Lane
Harrold, SD 57536
Phone: 605-875-6573

Professional Profile

Hard-working, client-focused, and energetic Legal Administrative Assistant with 7+ years of experience in handling clerical and secretarial duties at law firms. Exceptional command of administrative functions and knowledge of legal proceedings, legal documents, court filings, and legal research. Dedicated, reliable, and positive attitude for handling clients' requests and providing support to attorneys during trials and hearings.

Core Competencies

Work Experience

Legal Administrative Assistant
John Saxon & Walter LLP, Harrold, SD
April 2018 – Present

Legal Administrative Assistant
Reliance Law Firm, Harrold, SD
July 2015 - March 2018

Legal Administrative Assistant
Prudent Law Firm, Harrold, SD
February 2012 - June 2015



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