Municipal Police Officer Resume

A municipal police officer is an officer employed and paid by a local government body. These officers have limited powers as compared to other state police. Also, the equipment they carry might be limited. But generally this job is easier to obtain in comparison to their federal and state counterparts. The qualifications required are also somewhat less stringent. These professionals are responsible for following duties: provide backup to other police officials, patrolling, secure the area to immediate an arrest, traffic enforcement, etc. The sample resume presented here can be used by any of our visitors for preparing their own applications without any sort of dubiety.

Sample Municipal Police Officer Resume

Holden McCoy
2367, Vaughn RD,
Springdale, AR, 43753
(594) 684- 2712

Career Goal

To become a municipal police officer whereby I can use the powers at my disposal for the service of society and the uplifting of the law.

Professional Education Background

Professional Excellence Summary Professional Background

2002- Present date: Work as the Special Municipal Police Officer for the Indianapolis Municipal Police Department, Indianapolis with the following responsibilities

1999- 2001: Worked as the Special Municipal Police officer for the Chicago Medical and Health Area Guard, Chicago with the following responsibilities 1997- 1999: Worked as the Auxiliary Municipal Police Administrator for the South California Police Force, California.

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