Police Sergeant Resume

A police sergeant is an employee working in the police department, who is ranked above the officer and corporal and below the lieutenant. He has to work on the field as also manage a team of a few officers, thus performing managerial tasks as well. The sergeant has to exhibit an immaculate conduct since his juniors look up to him. To become a sergeant, one needs to have some experience and also a better performance than his/ her colleagues. He is also responsible for the training and other orientation activities and also for disciplinary action, if needed. He acts as a liaison between the upper level of management and other police personnel below his rank.

Sample Police Sergeant Resume

Daryl Chapman
2378, 42nd Ave,
Sandy, UT, 43258
(412) 783- 4373

Career Goal

To obtain a job of a police sergeant in a police department, thereby being able to use my extensive experience for the service of society.

Professional Education Background

Professional Excellence Summary Professional Background

2002- Present date: Work as the Sergeant for the New Jersey City Police Division, New Jersey with the following responsibilities

1998- 2002: Worked as the police Commander for the Oklahoma State Police Department, Oklahoma with the following responsibilities 1997- 1998: Worked as the Police Sergeant for the Oklahoma State Police Department, Oklahoma by giving direction to 200 officers in every aspect of their responsibilities.

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