Librarian Resume

The word librarian is derived from a Latin word 'liber', which means 'book'. Librarians work in schools, colleges, universities and public libraries. Librarians are skilled in information science that helps in managing information services for the people who needs that information. The candidate in the profile has served as library associate and senior librarian for more than 15 years. His roles include, to generate the distribution desk in adequate manner, to acquire different places for books, journals and audiovisuals, to prepare required book list to prevent repetition, to maintain the required reference search categories, to provide necessary directions for proper use of AV tools, to take due actions to prevent copyright and photocopy measures through ALA patterns, to make actual statistics on door count and circulation procedures of the library on a monthly basis, and to grant photocopy of preferred journals and other items on the request.

Sample Librarian Resume

George Wilson
231, Atlanta Avenue
Alameda, CA-22343
Phone: 342-443-4444

Academic Background

Professional Background

2000 - Present date: Act as a senior librarian in Burlington Public Library with the following work responsibilities

1994 - 2000: Worked as a Library Associate in Kathryn Hemet Public Library with the following work responsibilities

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