Library Director Resume

Holding a library director position in any public library needs a vast experience and administration skills. The person will hold the rein of administration in his hands and pull it as necessary to bring things to places. The tasks he has to perform will depend on the library type. A master's degree in library science is necessary for this position, besides experience. If you have obtained both these required qualifications, take help from this resume sample to apply to your choice of library.

Resume Sample for Library Director

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
(123) 456 7890

Objective: Looking for a library director position where I can help in the foundation, planning, fundraising, budgeting, and administration process of the library with my management skills.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Library Director
St. Xavier's Public Library, Carlisle, MA
2011 - present

Library Director
City Public Library, Carlisle, MA
2009 - 2011

Master's Degree in Library Science
Liberty College, Carlisle, MA

Reference: Available upon request.

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