Library Media Specialist Resume

A library media specialist is an individual who plays an important part in the management of school libraries. They liaise with the school teachers and help them with necessary teaching material. They also train library users on how to use different types of media and the various methods of extracting information in the library. In many cases, a library media specialist is responsible for the acquiring and sourcing of new books for the library. Although a bachelor's degree in library science is the minimum educational qualification required for this position, a master's degree along with certification is generally required by hiring firms. While applying for the position of a library media specialist, it is essentially to be equipped with a good resume as it is your first form of communication with the hiring manager. Check out the sample library media specialist resume given below to get pointers on how to create your own resume.

Sample Library Media Specialist Resume

Smith Peterson,
14, South-East 9 St.
MA 71, Washigton
963 766 768

Educational Qualification:

Job Information :

Library Media Specialist, San Jose.

Library Media Specialist in City Public Library, Boston


Computer Skills:

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