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Librarians are associated with books. They are also called as 'masters of books' modern librarians deal with various formats of information. They deal with web searching, magazines, books, maps, photographs, audio-video recordings etc. They always provide information services such as coordinating public programs, computer education and training, and providing help to the handicapped. One needs to have master's degree in library science to become a librarian. There can be different types of librarians such as system librarians, technical service librarians, instruction librarians, public service librarians, media specialists and school librarians. Some representative functions of librarians include, answering questions through mail, telephone, and fax, finding the interesting topics for their constituencies, and managing information resource access. The candidate in the profile has worked as Reference Librarian and Assistant Reference Librarian. He has more than 20 years of experience.

Mr. Edward Burwell
324, Park Street,
Hopkinton, RI-33423
Phone: 994-445-3344

Objective: Seeking a position of a librarian in any public or company library to use my skills and knowledge.

Skills and Abilities:

Personal Attributes:

Educational Background:

Others Achievements:

Professional Experience:

Providence Public Library, Providence, RI
Reference Librarian
1999-Until date
Roles and Responsibilities:

Coyle Free Library, Benson, RI
Assistant Reference Librarian
Roles Responsibilities:

Hobbies and Interests:


  1. Mr. Romeo Porter

    Library Director, Providence Public Library, Providence, RI

  2. Jinsy Hemmings

    Catalog Librarian, Coyle Free Library, Benson, RI

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A librarian is in charge of handling the various activities that take place in a public library. They assist library members in locating books and request for new books from the governing body of the library, based on requests by its members. They are also responsible for the overall maintenance and well being of the library. Due to the introduction of technology in library work, librarians should be proficient in the usage of different library database software applications that are used for the faster finding and retrieval of books. In order to work as a librarian, one must complete a master's degree in library science. While applying for the job position of a librarian, one must possess a well written resume that highlights the career achievements and qualifications of the person. Refer to the sample librarian resume given below to gain better knowledge on writing your own professionally appealing resume.

Erik T. Cook
4832 Poco Mas Drive
Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: 214-560-5539
Email ID:


To obtain a position in the field of library science, where one can excel in terms of knowledge related to the field.


Assistant Librarian Fiction, Teen and Periodicals Department, April 1995 to present

Skills and Experience:


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