Operation Manager Resume

An operations manager is a skilled individual who oversees the entire business operations and ensures proper functioning of various processes related to production and manufacturing in an organization. They carry out a vast number of job functions and unlike other managers who work in specific roles, operations managers generally conduct a generalized form of work. Logistics and budget management, support services and operational strategics are some of the areas where an operations manager has to take care of. A bachelor's or master's degree in business administration with specialization in subjects such as operation control, finance, marketing, sales and administration is needed for this position. They have to work in entry level assistant supervisory roles before advancing to the position of an operations manager. A good resume is essential while applying for this position in a company. Refer to the sample operation manager resume given below to gain understanding on preparing your own resume.

Sample Operation Manager Resume

Raymond A. Peters
2628 White Oak Drive
Union Star, MO 64494
Phone: 816-593-0204
Email ID: raymond.peters@examplemail.com

Summary :

Materials Management specialized with wide experience in using inventive, high-tech ideas to decrease costs and enhance efficiency. Communicative, results-oriented.

Basic Strengths :

Wok Experience :
Icon Co., St. Beasley, Minnesota

Supplier of modern, varied communications and documentation services to legal, financial and business clients.

Production Specialist / Materials Management/ Purchaser (1999 to Present)

Barrett Productions Ltd., St. Paul, Minnesota
Supplier of the business solutions, varying from furniture, to modern communications systems.

Office Furniture Purchaser / Furniture (used) Warehouse Supervisor (1996 to 1999)

Sales Consultant (1991 to 1996)

Other Professional Achievements :
Honored for Barrett CARE Award 10 times; achieved it five times

Professional Progress :

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