Auto Mechanic Resume

An auto mechanic is a person who is an expert in repairing and maintaining automotive vehicles. Any person who is a high school graduate and holds relevant knowledge and experience about vehicles can become an auto mechanic.

The major categorization among auto mechanics can be done if he/she specializes in repairing a two/four wheeler vehicle. Otherwise in both the categories, you should be quick & precise in finding the abnormalities and fixing them.

The possible employment for an auto mechanic can be at a vehicle service station owned by a dealer or in private shops. Another career option available for auto mechanics is in private Automobile production companies, where companies need expert workers on the Assembly line.

It doesn't mean that an auto mechanic always needs to perform physically taxing work duties. In fact, on acquiring sufficient knowledge and relevant experience, he can be promoted as a supervisor or simply a consultant.

Auto mechanics with a good personality and excellent communication skills can go for marketing jobs, too. Their technical knowledge about the product (either a vehicle or its spare parts) adds to their convincing powers.

Now study the sample resume given below as an example and refer to it while preparing your resume.

Sample Auto Mechanic Resume

Barbara N. Willer
4296 Wildwood Street
Akron, OH 44305
Phone No: 330-736-5173
Email ID:

Objective :To work with people who are highly dedicated and professional for providing two wheeler solutions to customers and thereby acquiring knowledge and material growth.

Summary of Qualifications :

Professional Experience :

Alex Yamaha Service station,
North Altadena, CA
Auto Mechanic (2007-Present)

Education :

Extra Curricular :

References: Will be available on request.

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