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Emergency Medical Technicians are adept in responding to emergency situations such, and shifting injured patients to nearby hospitals. Moreover, they also provide ambulance services to individuals suffering from heart strokes, injured in bomb blasts, fire accidents, or in risk due to other sickness issues. These professionals can be employed at health-care centers, fire departments, private ambulance services, or other rescue missions, and can work at basic, intermediate or paramedic level. To be employed in this role, you must complete a post-secondary educational program, and also obtain a state license. Furthermore, a certified EMT resume mentioning your accredited certifications, team player, critical thinking, problem-solving and proficient communication skills is essential.

Robert T. Davis
2553 Bedford Street
Birmingham, AL 35222
Phone: 205-491-6278
Email: robert.davis@anymail.com

Career Summary:

Highly-dedicated, vigilant and certified 'EMT Therapist' with over 5+ years of experience in responding to emergency calls, coordinating with medical staff in ambulance, and transporting patients to the health-care center to ensure timely treatment. Capable of lifting patients, shifting within medical facility, and giving basic life support as well as first-aid treatment. Ability to work in a team using critical thinking, problem solving and excellent interpersonal skills.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Certified EMT Therapist
Wellpath Regional Medical Center, Birmingham, AL
July 2017 - Present

Certified EMT Therapist
Essentia Health-care, Birmingham, AL
November 2015 - June 2017


Assistant EMT Therapist (entry-level)
Sibley Memorial Hospital, Birmingham, AL
August 2013 - October 2015




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