Chiropractor Resume

A chiropractor is a medical practitioner who believes that all the diseases can be cured by restructuring the different parts of our body such as skeletons, nerves and muscles and in particular the spinal cord. They have a belief that any misalignment in the spinal cord leads to lowering the resistance of our body to various types of diseases; therefore this is the root cause of any bodily ailment and it can be cured by aligning the spinal cord properly. Of course, if the ailment is serious enough or it persists, they recommend mainstream medicines. This sample resume is really a nice way to write a resume, and one should emulate it.

Sample Chiropractor Resume

Douglas Gray
3467, Clifton RD,
Lafayette, LA, 72385
(291) 894- 6982

Career Goal

To be a chiropractor in a clinic practicing chiropractic and hence help the patients who are suffering from chronic ailments.

Educational Background

Professional Accreditation Professional Background

1994- Present date: Work as the associate of the Chiropractor Therapy Unit of Greater Philadelphia Chiropractor Association, Philadelphia with the following responsibilities

Published Books or Articles

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