Military Resume Writing

Your military resume should be formatted in such way that the prospective employers can see the consequence of your military skills for any civilian job.

Your resume should emphasize on things like ability to work under pressure, leadership experience, and ability to follow directions. Any employer who has ex-military personnel on board would be beneficial for him.

When thinking to write a military resume consider following elements.

At the top of resume write your contact information. After that write your job objective that expresses what you are hoping to achieve in a given job. It can be also best you tailored for particular position.

In the field of education experience list out all your schools attended and degrees received. As well as list any special award received during college years. Try to be as brief as possible while writing your military experience. Write down all your job responsibilities with short bullet points. Mention all dates of jobs held.

List out all your achievements gained, any personal rewards received, and relevant activities involved in. Also you can write down any special award you won or notification paid to you due to your good work.

After completing your resume writing give someone else to check it. This will help you in avoiding things like typos and other errors. After that send your resume to prospective employers. You can send it through e-mail, or hard copies.

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