Modeling Beginner Resume

Modeling is turning out to be a lucrative career option for individuals who want to try something new in their profession instead of settling for the normal choices. With the increasing competition, many companies have realized the importance of branding to stay in the top position. The necessity to maintain showbiz creating a high-profile public image has only led to increase in the number of opportunities in this field. Many enthusiastic individuals have dreams to make it big in this career. However, despite the good looks, not many of them are able to reach to that stage. The reason being most of them tend to overlook the importance of a resume while preparing their portfolio for an opening. Hence, even though a versatile portfolio looks good on the table, resume can act as your gateway to compel a prospective employer delve into your profile. It is a short explanation which can stress on the point why you suit the role.

If you are keen to get a break for this position, in addition to your portfolio, write down a perfect modeling beginner resume to impress employers. It must include your personal information, vital stats, skills, prior experience, and educational background. In this document, you should mention the key highlights to increase the employer's interest in your application. For further help, you can refer to the sample given below.

Sample Resume

Personal Details
Brendon I. Martin
4257 Bassell Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 679-718-8978

Job Objective:

Handsome and charming promotional model seeking a full time opportunity with 'XYZ Modeling Agency' to help in promoting the products of the clients.




Promotional Model (part-time)
Core ZX Advertising Agency, Little Rock, AR
December 2016 – Present

Television/ Media Assignments: Achievements: Training: Education: High School Diploma, 2012

Enclosed with the resume.

Reference: On request.

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