Cosmetologist Resume

The job of a cosmetologist is quite varied and expects the professional to play different roles that of a make-up artist, shampooer, hair dresser, hair styler, beauty consultant, beauty product maker, skin care expert, etc., related to the field of cosmetology. These experts achieve the primary goal of meeting their customers' beauty needs and expectations, thus enhancing their overall appearance from head to toe. They are required to demonstrate good aesthetic sense, endurance, tolerance, and satisfying customer service.

A well-composed resume always makes it to the employer's list of 'good resumes'. Take note that a resume scanner will always appreciate consistent section headings, clear and formal fonts, bulleted lists, and proper use of the white space.

Sample of Cosmetologist Resume

Ella R. Gibson
456 Sunrise Avenue
Houston, TX 77013
(123) 456 7890

Career Goal: To stand out as a remarkable, expert cosmetologist and employ my innovative and detail-oriented cosmetology skills and talents, including quality knowledge about beauty treatments and styling consultation to attend to the beauty requirements and concerns of the customers.

Summary of Skills:

Professional Experience:

Frasier Cosmetology Center, Houston, TX (2013 - Present)

Bella's Beauty Salon, Houston, TX (2012 - 2013)

Academic Education:

Extra Curricular:

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