Call Center Sales Representative Resume

Sale or marketing of a product is also carried out over phone calls in addition to the traditional door-to-door marketing. Such a salesperson that does marketing is commonly known as call center sales representative. However such marketing needs the salespersons with special abilities such as knowledge of phone conventions and etiquettes, greater convincing powers, clarity of speech, listening skills and tremendous patience.

Also a sales representative is expected to have fluency of language with perfect knowledge of the product that he /she is selling. Otherwise the person at the other end of the call, being unable to understand the product features, would simply hang up the call.

Now refer to the below given call center sales representative resume sample.

Sample Call Center Sales Representative Resume

Janet Larry
Street, Y Avenue,
Chicago, IL-60604
(123) 456-7890

Objective : To seek the position of a sales representative at a call center

Summary of Qualifications :

Professional Experience :

ABC Telemarketing, Rockford, IL (2005-Present)

Academic education :

References : Will be available on request

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