How to Write a Sales Resume?

While all the resumes have certain common elements or sections, what makes a sales resume different from them is the nature of the job itself, which is more result-oriented. No employer would like to read the sales resume sans of any achievement or any reference to sales job traits. As such, the resume needs to be persuasive, professional, and oozing with confidence. Moreover, it also needs to be about figures or numbers since that's what the sales industry is all about.

Employers want to a read a sales resume that spells out numbers and results. It must also focus on the challenges encountered and handled on the job since the task or responsibilities differ in each industry. Even the skills, experience, and qualifications for the job will vary. For example, some companies may seek individuals with skills to use tools for data analysis, while others will be more concerned about the overall personality, and strong convincing skills of the candidate.

Add a sales pitch to your resume

You already know how important a sales pitch is in your profession. Persuading your customers with an impressive sales presentation or a catchy phrase/sentence decides how you're going to meet the sales target. Similarly, a sales resume with an interesting and engaging pitch can compel the recruiters to arrange an interview, and fill the gap between your dream and reality. Moreover, it will help to keep the recruiters engrossed in your resume. You can add a sales pitch in your resume in the 'Objective' or 'Career Summary' section. The former is for those who don't hold much experience, whereas the latter is for candidates above five years of experience. Demonstrate important traits or characteristic that are must in a sales job. Back them up with supporting words such as knowledge, energy, enthusiasm, and drive for selling products or services.

Your sales resume objective needs to be clear and targeted. It must demonstrate the skills and experience required for the sales job. To make it specific and job-related, try including keywords from the job description. Since the objective section is the start of your sales resume, the chances of your resume being read completely or stopped right there is high. So try to persuade the recruiters why and how you're different from others.

Sales Resume Objective Example

Sales Resume Career Summary

Sales Resume Work History

The work history or experience section is where you need to demonstrate that your skills are not just textbook, but real-world. It should send a strong message to the employers that you've the skills and experience to exceed all the numbers or sales figure that they are looking for. It must answer these questions:

When answering all these questions in the work experience section, make use of action verbs.


Awards and Achievements

The sales industry is a tough place to survive and requires achievers. There is no place for words such as 'average salesperson' in this field. That's why including awards and achievements in your sales resume is essential to demonstrate you're a performer. Use this example, when highlighting what you earned and achieved in the previous job.

Sales Resume Education

Generally, salespeople are expected to hold a degree in sales or marketing from a reputed university. However, some companies hire people with extraordinary sales skills even if they aren't a degree holder. In fact, many sales professionals holding an esteem position with large companies have started their sales career after 12th grade and went on to complete higher studies while working.

A sales resume must have the tone and power to persuade the employers in hiring you. With these tips, you can easily convince them about your sales skills and experience. To see real-world sales resume samples, browse our website.

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