How to Write Sales Resume

Rather than following a general chronological resume format of writing your duties at previous employments, your sales resume should be very result-oriented.

While building a sales job resume, you require to focus on your sales achievements and accomplishments to the potential employers. For the sales job money is the bottom line and that's why the prospective employer wants to check your capability of producing profits.

Your sales resume should begin with a powerful introduction. First of all write down your contact details that must include your full name, correspondence address, permanent address, email address, phone number, and fax number. Then the profile statement will be the summary of your sales career in few influential sentences.

After finishing your profile statement write down your sales working experience. As done in most of the resumes you have to make a list of past employers and your designation in each company. First write down the name of the company for which you have worked then your position at the company and then highlight your responsibilities briefly under your title.

You can write your responsibilities in the bullet list format or you can put them in a simple paragraph. Under the responsibilities, mention your sales achievements at specific company. The achievements should be written in the bullet list format.

For example if your division in a specific company increased sales by 70% in the last year then it can be better if the potential employer know this. This is the important place where you mark your track record.

Then list your sales awards and promotions in the bulleted list. Also mention if you got any extra responsibility or you were promoted due to your excellent performance. Then list out training certifications you have done if any. Also create a section to highlight your skills.

After completion of your sales resume check for spelling and grammar mistakes and print it on a high quality paper.

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