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Sales operations of any organization function like the blood supply in a human body. Without sales, generating revenues and financing all other functions and departments would become next to impossible. Driving the sales operations of an organization on a national level is a very challenging task. To get into this position, you need to carry one national sales director resume that allows the employer to explore the professional in you.

The job of a national sales director involves multiple activities aimed at one common goal. He has to manage the sales force working in different regions and define targets for each region. He is required to constantly monitor the market trends in order to understand the move of the competitors and accordingly develop strategies to beat competition. He has to check if there are any problems in production and supply chain and provide suggestion to resolve the same and avoid delay in product/service delivery.

Your national sales director resume should represent your professional identity and evoke a favorable response, not a negative one. This is possible if you balance the information according to the job requirements. The most important sections of your resume will be the experience and education. However, other details such as contact information and summary of skills are equally important.

Read the sample of national sales director resume to understand how easy it is to create a personal resume.

Personal Information

Nicholas B. Jackson
1390 Beach Drive
New York City, New York 61520

Career Objective

I want to associate with an organization, wherein my experience and knowledge can be utilized to achieve perfection in sales

Summary of Skills

Work Experience

Cluster Sales Manager
Winfrey Inc.
June 2005 to present

Description of Job Responsibilities:

Regional Sales Manager
Copperfield Inc.
August 2000 - May 2005

Description of Job Responsibilities:

Store Manager
Wesson Inc.
December 1996 - July 2000

Description of Job Responsibilities:

Store Associate
Wesson Inc.
January 1993 - June 2000

Description of Job Responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications


Available on request

Use the template of national sales director resume and modify the information keeping in mind the requirements of the job you wish to apply for.

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