Regional Account Manager Resume

Regional account manager is a thorough professional whose responsibility is to ensure prompt product delivery to the client concerned and update the entries in the warehouse for maintenance of accounts and inquiries. He usually is a part of a large sales team. His requirements would include exceptional rapport with people and employees, intelligence, influential personality and a strong analytical ability. In the shoes of regional account manager, you have to be tough. Here we have made it possible for you to write a resume which suits your position. Cold-shoulder is a common trait in sales branch. We have written an objective which boasts of your positive attitude. Hope you derive some inspiration from our example and help yourself to a successful career.

Sample Regional Account Manager Resume

John B. Taliaferro
1683 Walnut Hill Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Academic Background

Computer Programming Skills

Professional Background

Presently working as a Regional Account Manager since 2000 in The Global Corporation, Falls Church, VA dealing with economic support services meant for competent and authentic clients within a 10-state territory. Supervise product sales with periods ranging from three months to two year in length and generating recurring return agreements to $3 million.

From 1996 to 1999 worked as a Vice-President in Shakira Group. Fairfax, VA. Designed, directed, synchronized and executed marketing operations and procedures for a firm specializing in profit administration software for medium scale companies. From 1993 to 1995 worked as an Account Executive in Raneri Enterprise, New Jersey introducing marketing plans for New Jersey state insurance policies providing personal and individual account information, analysis and suggestion to the client.

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