Territory Sales Manager Resume

Territory Sales Manager is a professional responsible to handle sales in the area prescribed to you by the organization. They are responsible to monitor, direct and lead the sales team in achievement of planned targets in the most influential way. The territory sales manager will have to look into the team's performance as well as help in the strengthening of customer base in pursuit of achievement of successful targets in the interest of the organization.

We here have tried our best on our part to help you to derive the best in your interest by taking a cue of this as a template to serve your purpose.

Sample Territory Sales Manager Resume

Arlene D. Howard
1604 Meadow Drive
Billings, MT 59101
Phone: 123-456-9870
Email id- Arlene.howard@mymail.com Summary:

Commercial, dynamic sales management strategist with more than 20 years record of accomplishing goals of leading companies to succeed in the highly competitive markets.

Work History:

Kenworth Sales Company, Big Bay, MI
Regional Sales Manager

Sailboat Sales Co., Canton, MI
Sales Manager Education

University of Michigan, MI
Bachelor of Science

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