Nightclub Security Resume

Nightclub security personnel, who are also informally known as bouncers form an integral part of the security system in a nightclub or a drinks bar. The nightclub security person authorizes entry of individuals to the club on the basis of age or observable behavior. Most nightclub security personnel have an intimidating presence, which is required while intervening in physical altercations. They need to be skilled at controlling violent and abusive customers without resorting to violence themselves and should tackle such situations in an unobtrusive manner. A nightclub security resume will appear very different from other types of resume as the focus is not on the candidate's educational qualifications, but on physical appearance and past work experience as a nightclub security person.

Sample Nightclub Security Resume

James S. Matthews
4390 Buena Vista Avenue
Eugene, OR 97408
Phone: 541-730-2230

Looking for an interesting and challenging role in night club security.



Nightmare Club, Clifton, NJ


Available upon request.

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