Security Clearance Resume

A security clearance personnel is an individual, who authorizes classified information and restricted area access to individuals on the basis of the job title or an extensive background check. A security clearance officer needs to determine whether the person requesting access truly needs to view the information or not. They have to also allocate different levels of access to different people based on the organizational hierarchy. This is done to prevent basic level employees to access sensitive information, which needs to be strictly restricted to certain high ranking officials. A security clearance resume should highlight your qualities and past experience in the field of security clearance in order to attract potential employers.

Sample Security Clearance Resume

Jeffrey B. Messer
2758 Tail Ends Road
Green Bay, WI 54303
Phone: 920-591-739

To obtain the position of a security clearance officer in an organization, where my past experience and skills in the security clearance field is duly rewarded.



Gem tech, Auburn, NY
Security Analyst, 2006-present


University of Ohio, Ohio
Bachelor of Computer Science


Available upon request.

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