Security Guard Resume

A security guard is an individual, who provides security to a business organization or to individuals. They usually work in conjunction with other security guards in order to provide a high level of security to a large establishment. They work in different shifts, which are rotated on a periodical basis by the security supervisor or manager who they report to. In some cases, security guards possess armed weapons in order to prevent miscreants and criminals from disrupting security. They need to be adept at handling various procedures such as emergency evacuation drills, monitor CCTV cameras, frisk individuals with a metal detector, etc. A security guards' resume needs to portray the individual's work experience and relevant skills required for the job.

Sample Security Guard Resume

John M. Aragon
573 Elkview Drive
Doral, FL 33166
Phone: 772-412-2416

A dedicated security guard with the experience in providing equipment and real property security and providing escort service.



Best Store, Bradford, Pennsylvania
Security Guard, 2004-present


Available upon request.

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