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Software related jobs are in abundance these days. One could be a software engineer, software developer, software tester, or even an administrator in the software field. Thorough knowledge of various programming languages is a must for any professional in the software field. Software professionals need to possess good written and oral communication skills as they have to often prepare documented reports related to the various software they work on. Also, most software related individuals work in teams, which are handled by a senior professional. Hence having good interpersonal skills is also a necessary trait in a software professional. Check out the following sample software resume in order to gain better understanding on how to write your own resume.

Timmy D. Andrews
1332 Rogers Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-565-5491
Email ID:

An accomplished Database Administrator with demonstrated success designing and implementing database solution that improve business functionality. Possess diversified technical background with Enterprise System Solution. Proven ability to implement technologies that decrease costs, increase performance and positively affect the bottom line.

Summary of Qualifications

Technical Skills

Languages: C, C++, Visual Basic, Perl, PL/SQL, COBOL, IBM Assembler, CICS, TCP/IP, MQ/Series, IMS/DC, Transact/SQL, Windows NT 4.0 Server
Software: Oracle (6,7,8), DB2, SQL Server, Access, Brio Enterprise, D2K Tapestry, Sybase, IMS, OEM, Oracle Financials.
Systems: Windows (95, 98, 2000, NT), UNIX, MS/DOS, Mac/OS, VAX/VMS, OS/390
Hardware: IBM RS/6000, Sun, SGI, HP, UNIX Server, Compaq, Dell, DEC Alpha, IBM Mainframe (360, 370, 30XX, S/390)
Certification: Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle 8i)

Professional Experience

Senior Database Consultant, ABC Company
Somewhere, Some State, 1998 - Present.

Oversaw design and maintenance of Database environment at Arco Alaska division of $50 billion Oil Exploration and Production Company. Supported distributed Oracle database environment. Performed upgrades, patch maintenance and integration with vendor software on AIX, NT and Solaris platforms. Led up to 7 team members performing Database Administration.

Database Design Analyst, XYZ Company
Somewhere, Some State, 1996 - 1998.

Developed database for $30 million Software Development Company serving insurance industry. Provided logical and physical database design for client management software. Performed design within IMS.DB, CISC environment.

Programmer/Analyst, LMN Company
Somewhere, Some State, 1993-1996

Designed database for $15 billion leading electronics manufacturer. Developed software in large scale IMS DB/DC environment. Coded programs using COBOL and Assembler supporting various business functions. Served as lead analyst for Field Service and Marketing Support Systems.


University of ABC, some country, some state
Bachelor of Science in Computer science
Minor in Business Information Systems

Sample Software Resume 2

With the software industry being fastest rising industry of the last decade, it is essential to possess an excellent software resume, which will give you an edge over other applicants in this cut-throat competition of information technology (IT) jobs. Software professionals are expected to have thorough knowledge about various computer programming languages and their real world applications. They should possess good analytical, interpersonal and communication skills. A software professional needs to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or an equivalent degree for entry level software jobs. Additional qualifications in the managerial field are required for higher positions in this field. Check out the below sample software resume to gain better understanding on writing it.

Bernice M. Cozart
563 Poco Mas Drive
Frisco, TX 75034
Phone: 214-519-0913
Email ID:

B.A., St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, 1986.
Degree in Computing Science through the St. Olaf Paracollege, an open education program modeled (loosely) after the Oxford University tutorial system. Related course work includes:

Software: Computer Organization; Data Structures and Algorithms; Database Systems; Compiler Design Seminar.
Hardware: Microprocessors.
Mathematics: Calculus; Abstract Algebra; Discrete Mathematics.







Age: 42
Outside interests: Early music; medieval and renaissance musicology; professional tenor (and haut-contre wanna-be); music theory and composition; film (esp. animated film); investing; accounting.
References: Available upon request.

Sample Software Resume 3

Software professionals have to keep updating their knowledge about various programming languages and technologies on a regular basis as new developments in the field of information and technology take place at a rapid pace. Software based jobs are the most sought after and thus it is essential to have a good and professionally written resume in order to increase your chances of securing the desired job. Educational details should be listed on your resume in a brief manner and the same applies for the technical skills that you may possess in a programming language or operating system. Past experience as an intern or a full time software professional should be mentioned along with the job functions carried out by you. Refer to the below given sample software resume in order to gain better understanding on how to draft your own resume.

Scott A. Cooper
3511 Goff Avenue
Vicksburg, MI 49097
Phone: 269-649-7376
Email ID:


To secure a position as a software developer that permits me to learn new technologies while utilizing my skills and experience developing web-based applications also my knowledge of HTML, ASP< JavaScript, VBScript.

Computer Skills


KFIC Finance, Oxnard, CA
Software Engineer
May 2000 - Present

Experience Gained While Pursuing Degree

California State Medical, Roseville, CA
Student Assistant - Part-Time
1996 -1999


California State University, CA
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Major GPA: 3.4/4.0; Cumulative GPA: 3.0/4.0

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