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College education is extremely expensive and it matters a lot in the professional world from which college you have gained your degree. Having a good college resume is extremely important; whether it is landing your first job or getting admitted to another college for further education. Therefore, one should have a neat college resume.

Colleges are spoilt for choice when it comes to candidates. They receive applications in thousands just for few hundred seats. They have a selection process through which they select candidates; your resume can certainly give you a push through this selection process. Your college resume will be your formal introduction to the college authorities.

In the resume, you should highlight your educational qualifications more than anything, as that is what matters the most. The selection panel is more inclined towards candidates with good grades. If you are good in extracurricular activities, highlight those too, they definitely boost your chances of admission. Colleges also are interested in candidates that are good in sports or any other such activity. Many colleges even give full or partial scholarships for such candidates.

Next, highlight all the participations you did for your college in any function or have represented the college in any event or competition. This shows your eagerness and willingness to participate in events and this is definitely a plus point for the admission panel to consider.

Finally, follow simple steps like proof reading and checking the resume for grammatical errors. It does not look nice if a college graduate has errors in their resume. Plus, having a resume is good practice for the future. Make a professional looking college resume for landing admission in a good college for further education. Follow the sample we have provided for you.

Sample College Resume

Harold Stamper
800 West Fort Street,
Detroit, MI 48226

Title: Last Year student of master's degree in mechanical engineering with around ten months experience as a part time assistant workshop manager / intern

Objective: Seeking employment as a part time assistant workshop manager with a major automobile vendor / supplier engaged in manufacture of automobile suspension components

Skills and Knowledge


Volunteer work

Educational Qualifications


Available on request

This is sample college resume that you can use to write your own resume. It is important to have a professional looking resume before you apply for further education, as admissions are hard to come by.

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