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Graduating high school is important, but nowadays not it is nearly as enough to land a great job. One needs college education to make a successful career. It is important to complete college education from a reputed university. However, getting admission could be tedious process and to give your chances of getting admitted a push, you may need a high school resume.

You may wonder why a resume so early on? There are thousands of candidates that are vying for admissions; it helps your chances if you have submitted your resume. The first thing is for you to fit their criteria and clear their admission process. Then your resume will help you when the selection panel will narrow down students.

Having a resume shows initiative on your part to the panel. It will work as a formal introduction for you, and give the authorities an idea of capabilities and strengths. The panel will definitely be more inclined to pick you as they know more about you.

This resume need not be for admission only, if you want to get a jump start on the job front, you can use this resume to land even with just a high school diploma. Therefore, this resume should be written in such a way that it highlights you educational qualifications and other skills so that you can land a job and get admission in a good college.

Your resume should firstly state your educational qualifications. They are the most important point for you. State if you have had any special achievements regarding academics, any awards or even scholarships. State all of it in detail.

Next, state your extracurricular activities like sports or any other hobby. High school is not just about studies, there are many things that one takes part in a high school. These activities not only build ones personality but also increase their value resume. They could even get you a partially or fully paid scholarship in a college.

Keep only relevant information on the resume. If you have done a few summer jobs, in vacation time, mention those jobs and you responsibilities on those. Finally, end the resume with providing references and do a thorough spelling and grammar check. If you need help, go through the high school resume we have given below.

Sample High School Resume-1

Joshua Jones

High School Resume
High School Education
Fort Knox High School, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
April 2011

Diploma with honors

Educational Credentials


Extracurricular Activities

Organizing Skills

Work Experience

Organization name: Cosco
Designation: Sales Clerk

Duration: March 2010 - May 2010

Organization name: Pop's Hardware Store
Designation: Part-time Salesman

Duration: November 2009 - March 2010

Other Qualities


Available on request

This is quite a generic high school resume. It has everything such a resume should have and the you can use the same by making a few minor changes.

High school students often look for entry level jobs in the specialization field that they intend to pursue during their graduation. These jobs give them vital on-field experience and also act as a source of income, which can aid their college expenses in the future. It is essential that the hiring manager of the organization knows about your special skills and ability to work in a team-based environment. Mention your extracurricular activities in your resume along with any specific achievements. Although past job experience is not expected from students, if you have worked previously, do mention it on the resume along with specific job functions that you might have carried out. Check out the following sample high school student resume in order to get a better idea on how to draft your own resume.

Sample High School Student Resume 2

Andrew K. Glover
4182 American Drive
Camden, NJ 08102
Phone: 856-267-2875
Email ID: andrew.k.glover@mail.com

Title: Organized and disciplined high school student with six months experience as a library assistant.

Objective: Seeking employment as a library assistant with a reputed library for the duration of summer vacations of 2007 viz. April to June 2007.

Skills and Knowledge


Library Assistant with The Imperial Library, Dallas, TX during April - June 2006, where the responsibilities involved:

Library Assistant with The Neighborhood Library, Dallas, TX during April - June 2005, where the responsibilities involved retrieval and placing of books, issuing books and collecting returned books, reporting default, ensuring the availability of stationery, running errands etc.



Volunteer Experience

Interests / Activities

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