Student Resume Format

A resume is your first-hand introduction that helps the prospective employer understand your education, qualities, and experience. If it is impressive to look at and easy to read and follow, the prospective employers can know your intent of applying for the job clearly. With a professional student resume format by your side, the job application process will be a lot simpler.

Drafting a job application without any prior work experience is quite daunting. But do you know that there is a way more information that you can add to your resume as a student. Even if you feel your skills and experience have no relevance to the applied job, you can still highlight what you've learned from any job be it babysitting, plumbing, handling a cash counter, lawn mowing, or volunteering. The only thing needed is to know how to connect your the skills to the applied job.

Tips on writing a student resume

Know your skills and experience

Brainstorm and chalk down your skills and experience first. Note down anything that you've learned and gained through projects, internships, and your previous jobs. Don't bother whether your skills and experience has no connection with the job you are applying for. Try to relate how you can use them in the job. For instance, your babysitting experience may have taught you to be patient, and manage time. You can also demonstrate your cash-handling experience and relate them to customer service skills.

Identify what skills are important for the applied job

If a job as a salesperson is what you are preparing yourself for, then highlight your skill to convince people into buying what you're offering them. Even a job as a cashier in some local restaurant or a hotel can show your ability to handle customers. Demonstrate how your skills can relate to the job you are applying for. This will give you enough information to put on the resume. Just figure out what skills the employers are looking for. Some of the common ones they might like to read in your resume are:

Highlight education

Your academic history is necessary to put on the resume. Employers like to read about your education and see your academic records. Mention the degree and school along with the GPA grades you have earned. If you have completed any special course pertaining to the job, include that as well.

Include job experience

Don't hesitate in adding any experience that's not going with the applied job. Even if the details are irrelevant, there is a possibility that something that you've learned can be used in the job. For example, your experience as a cashier may have taught you customer service skills. If you're trying in a service industry, this experience will definitely catch the employer's attention.

Highlight volunteer experience

Any job, whether it is paid or unpaid, teaches something new to the people. Say for instance, the volunteer experience that you have gained by participating in any social cause may have helped you in developed skills to empathize with the people. You may even have learned how to work in a team and contribute to a common cause.

Student Resume Format

Personal Information: - Provide your name, address, phone number, and email address in this section one line after another.

Job Objective:In this section, mention the job you are looking for, the skills and experience you have for the same, and what benefits you can provide to the company with your employment.

Example: Looking for a sales executive position to use my communication skills and sales experience to help your company boost sales and increase revenue.

Skills: Provide information in bullet points so that it will be easy for the recruiters to read and identify what skills you posses.


Work Experience: List the job title you hold/held along with the company's name and address, and the period of employment. Follow this format for listing internship or any volunteer work experience as well. In case your work experience is irrelevant to the applied job, you can skip it. But be careful not to demonstrate any gap in your work history.

Put specific details about the type of responsibilities you have handled in each job. Use bullet points to describe how you contributed to the growth of that particular company.

Let's say you are applying for a sales job. In that case, you can impress the prospective employer by quantifying your achievement in this way:

Education and Certification: Give the name of the degree you have complete along with the college/university name, and the year you earned the degree. Do the same for the certification. But see that it should be relevant to the job.

Reference: Try to give minimum two references since employers want to know who are the people from your industry or the academic field ready to vouch for you.

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Student Resume

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