Aircraft Pilot Resume

An aircraft pilot's job requires a high degree of skill as well as good mental and physical strength since it involves flying the aircraft across continents on a regular basis. Most commercial passenger and cargo aircrafts have at least two pilots at any given time. One of them is the pilot in command, while the other is the assistant pilot of the aircraft. With years of experience and good performance, the assistant pilots eventually get promoted to the position of a pilot in command. Aircrafts pilots need several hours of in flight training before they can handle a commercial flight. Details about the number of hours and affiliation with any aircraft associations need to be mentioned on an aircraft pilot's resume along with academic and experience details.

Sample Aircraft Pilot Resume

Larry M. Locker
98 Lake Floyd Circle
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Phone: 301-977-7213
Email ID:

Career Goal

To achieve the position of an aircraft pilot with a leading airline carrier where my skills are utilized to it their maximum potential.

Educational Background

Professional Affiliation Professional Flight Time Excellence Summary Professional Excellence Summary Professional Background

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