Building Inspector Resume

As the name suggests, a building inspector's chief job function is to inspect buildings as well as supervise the materials used during construction. A building inspector also approves architectural plans and issues code violations whenever they occur. Checking for safety measures in the event of a fire hazard is one of the chief job functions of a building inspector. In order to ensure this, they supervise and inspect the functioning of fire preventive measures like smoke alarms, detectors, fire extinguishers, etc. Organizations who hire building inspectors often require them to possess a state license or certificate and this has to reflect in the resume for a building inspector. It has to also represent the individual's past experience in the architectural business and any achievements, which are relevant to the job.

Sample Building Inspector Resume

Robert L. Robinson
4868 Hill Haven Drive
Waco, TX 76701
Phone: 254-275-1989
Email ID:


To achieve the position of a building inspector in an organization, where my skills and qualities are duly rewarded and utilized to their maximum potential

Educational Background

Professional Affiliation Practiced Computer Programming Skills Professional Background

2004- Present date: Work as the local building inspector for the Philadelphia Building Inspection Department, Philadelphia with the following responsibilities

2000- 2004: Worked as the Building Inspector for the New England City Department, New England and carried out for following projects

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