J2EE Java Resume

J2EE java is a developed sector that has brought a remarkable progress in the technological field, making the firms to design improvised projects and gain technological advancement. The field has provided outstanding job opportunities for the aspiring job candidates over the years, which facilitated them to establish a lasting career.

However, this has made the contest to acquire efficient jobs in the J2EE java sector more hard-bitten and thought provoking for the job candidates. In such circumstances, the candidates are required to make themselves obvious and demonstrable before the future employers. They should be able to prove their suitability for the job they apply for and assure the recruiters that they can bring an effective difference to the organization.

One way to prove yourself as an apt choice for the job is by formulating a salient and relevant resume. By doing this, you can receive a firm support for making a good progress in your job search process. There are some tips and guidelines that are necessary to keep in mind while creating a resume.

The recruiters usually notice the job objective section when they first start reading the resume. Therefore, you should take care that the job objective is professionally drafted and that it highlights your future goals. Apart from the job objective, there are other sections that hold vital positions in making the document employer friendly.

The skills and qualifications must be portrayed formally by precisely describing each point in the document. You should know the expectations of the employer and accordingly, insert your credentials in an accurate format. Personal details and references too must be included exactly without any error. Remember, the recruiters need to refer to these details to interact with you regarding further recruitment procedures.

Below given is a sample of J2EE java resume. You can use it for your personal reference:

Richard S. Doro
233, Backfire Street,
Metropolis, CA 67890
Phone: (145) 455 4560
Email: richard@mainmail.com

Job Objective

To attain the position of a J2EE java professional in an established organization which provides room for development and allows the practicing of skills and abilities.

Key Skills

Educational Qualifications

Professional Qualifications

Projects Completed

Transactional and large scale projects, formulated and enhanced using J2EE, MQ Series, Java, HTML, XML, Tapestry, JMS, Spring, XSL, and Struts

Work Experience

Job Responsibilities:

Job Responsibilities:

Personal Details

Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Date of Birth: March 21, 1986
Nationality: American


Rory K. Cook
Java Development Manager
Universal Technologies
478 Griffith Street,
Walford, CA 78364
Phone: (234) 534 4560
Email: rory@maintelemail.com

If you are looking for a perfect J2EE java resume example, refer to the above given resume sample and create an incomparable resume to induce the potential employer to schedule the interview for you.

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