J2EE Professional Resume

J2EE is a progressing technical sector which has brought many proficient job opportunities of the aspiring job candidates, making the competition more tough and challenging. Thus, in such situations, you should have an efficiently built resume that can put a noteworthy impression on the prospective employer and amplify your chances of gaining the job position you have desired for.

It is very critical to draft a proficiently built resume if you want to attain a powerful position in the job competition. The personal details and references should be correctly included in it. If you make any mistake while including them, you hamper the readability of your document and thereby decrease the chances of winning the employment opportunity.

It is always a good practice to gain knowledge about the needs and objectives of the employer before you initiate the work of creating a resume for a J2EE professional job. This will provide you a good foundation to create an employer friendly resume for your application.

Here is an example of a J2EE professional resume for your kind reference:

J2EE Professional Resume

Matt O. Poland
252, Cold Avenue
Maverick, OK 36780
Phone: (265) 566 5609
Email Address: matt@newexamplemail.com

Career Objective: To acquire an excellent position in a well organized company which gives an opportunity to sharpen my expertise and knowledge in an impressive way to ensure a growing successful in the J2EE technical field.

Technical Skills

Professional Skills

Educational Qualifications

Technical Qualifications

Work Experiences

Job Responsibilities:

Job Responsibilities:

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: March 12, 1985
Nationality: American
Sex: Male


Glen K. Lambada
Sr. J2EE Developer
Logic-tech Software Solutions
132, Long Valley Street
Hudson, NY 14210
Phone: (231) 456 6545
Email: glen@longexample.com

With the help of the above illustrated sample of J2EE professional resume, you can produce a hard-hitting resume and make a remarkable advancement in your J2EE career.

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