Millwright Resume

A millwright is a person who does the installation, maintenance and repair work of industrial machinery. They have to refer to installation diagrams and assemble parts of the machinery accordingly. Millwrights usually work in industries where heavy machinery is used. Assembling of these machines is often an important task in such companies and this is why millwrights are an indispensable unit. Other than assembling, they also conduct periodic maintenance checks on the machinery and indulge in repair work whenever necessary. Millwrights have to use a number of precision tools for the purpose of measurement, fitting, and verification. While writing a millwright resume, you should mention relevant educational experience such as courses in industrial training or machinery maintenance. Prior work experience as a millwright should be highlighted along with the job responsibilities.

Sample Millwright Resume

Gregory K. McLaurin
2636 Fannie Street
Bay City, TX 77414
Phone: 979-241-2635
Email ID:

Career Goal

To obtain the position of a millwright in an organization based on the 10 years of experience and skills that I possess in this field.

Academic Background

Practiced Computer Programming Skills Professional Excellence Summary Professional Affiliation Professional Background

2004- Present date: Work as the millwright for the McCartney Inc, Oklahoma with the following responsibilities

2001- 2004: Worked as the foreman and millwright for the McMillan Steels, Florida with the following responsibilities

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