Surveyor Resume

Surveyors are professionals who gather information about the physical characteristics of a piece of land and determine whether it is fit for construction of any structure or not. Surveyors use various tools such as measuring instruments and even global positioning satellites (GPS) data in order to aide them in their work. Surveyors have to conduct research and find information about the land by using various means and identify the boundaries of the land. This information is documented in reports, which are later used for selling or buying land. Surveyors need to possess a degree in civil engineering or an equivalent degree in a related course. Past experience as a trainee as well as any full time experience as a surveyor must be mentioned on a surveyor's resume along with relevant educational details.

Sample Surveyor Resume

Edward E. Lucero
4758 Echo Lane
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 269-876-0715
Email ID:

Career Goal

To obtain the job position of a surveyor in a firm based on my 9 years of experience in the field as a skilled professional.

Academic Background

Experienced Computer Programming Skills Professional Excellence Summary Professional Affiliation Professional Background

2005- Present date: Work as the Chief Surveyor for the Sweetwater Public Works Division, Sweetwater with some of the following responsibilities

2002- 2005: Worked as the office engineer for the Michigan Public Works Department, Michigan with the following responsibility 2000- 2002: Worked as the seminar teacher for the Job works curriculum, New York with the following responsibility

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