Digital Image Technician

This digital imaging technician resume is crafted for aspiring technicians. Those interested in film making, photography, videography, cinematography and other related fields will find this resume useful in their endeavors of applying for digital imaging technology jobs. This resume will teach the exact qualities that must be highlighted to catch the recruiter's attention.

Digital imaging technicians are experts who work towards enhancing the quality of the digital photographs and videos. They utilize different photography and editing software to make changes to quality of the image or add special effects to it. Most of them work for production houses and help the cinematographers in capturing the moments on screen. They work on different aspects of videography, digital image manipulation, systemization, color synchronization, special effects, signal integration, etc. A technician requires expertise in operating the different equipments and software and in adjusting the settings. They review the materials, set standards for what is to be achieved and draw out flow charts to determine the work process. They coordinate with other members such as the director, cinematographer, cameraman, visual technician, etc. to alter the images of highest quality. These technician help to alter the image in a way that it helps to portray the real drama, time or place that the director wants. Technicians must possess excellent communication and organizational skills in addition to time management, project management and perseverance to be able to survive at this position. Technicians can work at senior position of managers and team leads after gaining experience.

Sample Digital Imaging Technician Resume

Arnold Stellar
Address: 14A, Sterling Street, Plano, TX 59214
Contact Number: (569) 562 7481
Email Id:

Career Objective

Aiming for a career as a digital imaging technician that will open up opportunities for me to utilize my technical skills and creative flair to enhance the quality of the image strikingly

Key Skills

Technical Competence

Educational Qualifications

Career Summary

Work Experience

Designation: Digital Imaging Technician
Organization: Eclipse Digital Technology Studio, Plano
Duration: March 2010 - till date

Designation: Trainee Digital Imaging Technician
Organization: Jefferson studios, Plano
Duration: November 2008 - February 2010


Personal Details

Name: Arnold Stellar
Date of Birth: May 4th 1987
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Interests: Photography, Fine art
Citizenship: US Citizen


Name: Pete Williams
Designation: Technical Manager
Organization: Eclipse Digital Technology Studio, Plano
Contact Number: (364) 895 2687
Email Id:

A resume is expected to be a reflection of the candidate's personality. A recruiter makes his decision on the basis of the information provided in the resume. If a candidate ends up writing information only to please the recruiter, he may find it superficial. Instead, write information that pertains to your personality, ambitions and work profile, but in an impressive manner. We have used a fictitious character to present this resume. Job seekers are free to adopt this template for creating their resume.

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