Electrician Resume

The electrician is a person who maintains the high voltage transformers and checks for their proper usage. He is also responsible for installing wires, generators and all the electrical gadgets. The electrician takes care of all types of electrical systems, whether it be residential or commercial. The electrician should have the complete knowledge of the equipment that are required by him to do his work perfectly. There is a sample resume given below to help all those prospective candidates who are eager to get their dream job. The visitors can edit the information according to their will.

Sample Electrician Resume

Jeffrey R. Wilson
2455 Metz Lane
MA 02142
phone no.- 857-995-2109
email address- JeffreyRWilson@teleworm.com

Career Goal

Obtain a respective career as the electrician with the utilization of obtained executive and professional expertise.

Academic Background

Known Computer Programming Skills Professional Excellence Summary Professional Affiliation Professional Background

2005 - Present date: Work as the electrician for the Harvester Company, Philadelphia with the following responsibilities

2001- 2005: Worked as the general freelance electrical assistant with the following responsibilities 1999- 2001: Worked as the Assistant Electrician for the Lamps Corporation, Chicago with the following responsibilities

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