Digital Retoucher Resume

Whenever we view our photographs, we hope for a chance to make some changes to it. Sometimes we do not like the way we look or sometimes the background. But the technology of digital retoucher can resolve these voes. Here is a digital retoucher resume that gives a complete description of this career profile and showcases the ideal way of drafting a resume. We hope you are able to find the best job in market with this resume template.

Digital retouching refers to the art of editing a photograph to enhance its features. It is used by majority of the photographers to correct the flaws within the photograph. The most common example of digital retouching is of models and actors using this technology to enhance their photographs. They are able to brighten their skin tone, enhance the depth of their eyes, alter their facial features, etc. This term is often confused with digital restoration and digital manipulation. Restorations emphasizes on correcting pictures that are old and worn out whereas manipulation refers to addition or removal of significant objects in the photograph. A digital retoucher may work for any photography service provider, advertising or modeling agency, designing firm, etc. Their work is highly artistic and hence requires acute precision in work. Also, technical proficiency is highly important since all the work is performed using software applications. Fondness towards photography and art is a must if you want to excel in this career.

Sample Digital Retoucher Resume

Mark Lehmann
Address: 10 West, Aurora Park, San Diego, CA 36521
Contact Number: 211 - 745 - 9630
Email Id:

Career Aim

To work as a digital retoucher with leading photography services and utilize my technical competence in delivering quality photography services.

Summary of Key Skills

Work Experience

DesignationOrganizationPeriod of workLocation
Digital RetoucherSpirit Photography ServicesJuly 2010 - Till DateSan Diego, CA
Jr. Digital RetoucherAvon Art and Designing StudioAugust 2009 - June 2010San Diego, CA

Summary of Job Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities

Secondary Responsibilities

Educational Qualifications

Extracurricular Activities

Personal Details

Name: Mark Lehmann
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: May 5th 1988
Marital Status: Single
Interests: Painting and Designing
Citizenship: USA Citizenship


Name: Carlisle Atkinson
Designation: Branch Manager
Organization: Elite Photography Unit, San Diego
Contact Number: 211 - 896 - 7412
Email Id:

A career as a digital retoucher allows candidates to blend the field of photography and digital technology. A retoucher helps to remove the flaws of a photograph and edit it as per the client's requirements. If you boast of similar qualifications and skills and the zeal towards this field, then we encourage you to use this digital retoucher resume and create your resume.

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