Enterprise Management Trainee Resume

A management trainee is hired with the aim of providing full fledged training to make him/her accustomed to the nature of job and responsibilities and help him/her to qualify for carrying out organizational management functions. Such a trainee who is hired for varied project related work in an enterprise is known as enterprise management trainee. If you aspire to be a competent management trainee of an enterprise, you must approach the right recruiter to help you. On your part, the most important task is to draft and send a good and effective enterprise management trainee resume to the recruiters/employers of your choice. Make it a simple document with comprehensive information about you and your qualifications.

An enterprise management trainee receives several assignments within the team or organization, in which they get to know about the nature of work and the management functions. He/she may have to perform rotational job responsibilities as well, so that they have a clear idea on each departmental functions. The trainees undergo on-the-job training, attend classroom sessions, or sometimes are sent to attain professional trainings in some institute. Apart from these, they are also responsible for carrying out day-to-day duties like developing plans, assisting managerial operations and performing other duties as assigned. Working under a supervisor or manager, these trainees learn to execute their duties efficiently to reach the next level and grow in the long-run.

An enterprise management trainee must have prior work experience or knowledge in marketing, sales, customer service, operations, or project management. He/she must have the inclination towards learning new things and implementing them effectively on the job. We have given a brief overview of the nature of job attached to this particular position. This will help you to understand the role better. If your are confident of being a part of this job, be ready to draft a self-explanatory document to introduce yourself to the prospective employers. A sample resume is given below for your reference with contact details, career objective, skills, educational qualification, professional experience and references. You can extract the necessary sections from this, personalize it and make a final draft for yourself.

Enterprise Management Trainee Resume Sample

Contact Information

Lisa R. Dunn
2868 Sycamore Street
Oakland, CA 94612
Tel: 408-869-2051
Email ID- lisar@freemail.com

Career Objective

Aim to seek an enterprise management trainee position in a challenging work environment, wherein I can utilize my skills and knowledge for the overall growth of the enterprise and enrich my learning abilities and experience in the related field.

Skills and Competencies

Educational Qualifications

Professional Experience

Work Duration: June 2010 - Present
Organization Name: ABCD Services, CA
Position: Enterprise Management Trainee
Job responsibilities:

Work Duration: Mar 2008 - June 2010
Organization Name: Some Name Solutions, CA
Position: Enterprise Management Trainee
Job Responsibilities:

Work Duration: June 2007 - Mar 2008
Organization Name: LMN Company, CA
Position: Enterprise Management Intern
Job Responsibilities:

Personal Details

Name: Lisa R. Dunn
Sex : Female
Date of Birth: January 4, 1985
Nationality: American
Hobbies: Reading novels and trekking


  1. Name: Tanya R. Coleman
    Designation: Project Manager
    Organization Name: Some Name Solutions, CA
    Telephone Number: 987-XXX- XXXX
    Email Id: tanya@example.com

  2. Name: Steven S. Chade
    Designation: Marketing Manager
    Organization Name: LMN Company, CA
    Telephone Number: 648-XXX- XXXX
    Email Id: ssteven@example.com

We hope that the above enterprise management trainee resume will help you draft your own resume without any complications. It will also make you aware of the right techniques of writing a good resume.

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