Enterprise Sales Resume

Are you looking for an enterprise sales job? You are continuously sending resumes to recruiters, but not receiving any response from them? This is because your resume might not have been read or have been rejected by the employers. If you want to impress them, the most important thing you have to follow is to write a good enterprise sales resume portraying your personal and professional credentials, apart from meeting their job eligibility criteria. You also must be clear on the job responsibilities and duties in the particular organization in order to judge whether you are suitable for this job or not.

Sales is the integral and most important part of a successful business venture. This is a source where an organization gets new clients/customers and earns revenue or profit. Enterprise sales is the concept of selling products or services to potential business customers. This type of sales usually happens in large scale through long-term contracts and humongous sales transactions. It covers a long sales cycle period for the overall completion of the project and delivery time. An enterprise seller needs to research about the clients and their needs in an extensive manner while developing plans and strategies to provide custom designed products or services. He/she must have excellent salesmanship skills to bring in new customers and the ability to convince them to convert new business for the organization. This job is extremely crucial as he/she has the direct responsibility to increase an enterprise's revenue.

Thus, according to the nature of enterprise sales job, you have to prepare yourself to search for the right job. An experienced professional with a sales background is highly preferred for this job. But freshers are also welcome if they possess the right qualifications. We have provided a sample resume of an experienced candidate for your reference. If you follow this format and include necessary information as given in this document, the chances of rejection will diminish and you will get an interview call soon. Do not forget to customize the document with your specifications.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

Jackson V. Mace
346 Center Avenue
Fresno, CA 93721
Tel: 559-445-7110
Email ID- jacksonmace@freemail.com

Career Objective

To obtain a challenging position in enterprise sales field and enhance my salesmanship skills. Engage in large volume sales projects while bringing in new businesses and huge profit for the employer.

Key Qualifications

Work Experience

Tenure: June 2010 till date
Company: IQM Co. Ltd., CA
Position: Enterprise Sales Manager
Job responsibilities:

Tenure: May 2007 - June 2010
Company: High Business Solution, CA
Position: Enterprise Sales Team Lead
Job Responsibilities:

Tenure: Oct 2006 - Apr 2007
Company: No name Associates, CA
Position: Enterprise Sales Consultant
Job Responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications

Software Skills



Name: Kimberly J. Davis
Designation: Associate Vice President
Organization Name: High Business Solution, CA
Telephone number- 510-XXX-XXXX
Email Id: kimberly@example.com

Read the above sample enterprise sales resume and draft yours without making any mistakes. Review it many times before sending it to the employer/s. This time you will surely get an immediate response from the recruiters and your interview call will happen soon. All the best!!

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