Junior Network Administrator Resume

We have presented here a junior network administrator resume. The purpose of presenting this resume template is to present an ideal format for job seekers to help them in developing their resume. If the job seekers are confused about making categories in resume, using professional language or formatting the template; then this sample resume is sure to help you find solutions. You are free to use the resume in the given format or make alterations to it as required by your prospective recruiter.

The hardware and software components make up the computer network. The network administrator is responsible for setting up the network and configuring its components as per the organizational needs. The administrator liaises with the database managers, software architects, software designers, systems administrators, and all other members of the technical team. Once the systems are installed and configured, he ensures that the systems adhere to the organization's requirements and perform with the expected levels of efficiency. He verifies the quality of the systems and eliminates the shortcomings that may affect the functioning of the system. Further, he troubleshoots the systems to rectify the errors and malfunctioning that affect it from time to time. The administrator is responsible to upgrade the current systems using advanced technology as per the changing demands of the users. Due to the importance of this position, the network administrator is considered as a highly respected and responsible member of the technical team.

Sample Junior Network Administrator Resume

Timothy McGuire
Address: 17N, Eleventh Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 65542
Contact Number: 566 - 120 - 4748
Email Id: timothymcguire@example.com

Career Aim

To secure the position of a junior network administrator and provide my knowledge in network administration and technical tools for managing the systems network of the organization

Key Skills

Work Experience

Junior Network Administrator
Reuters Telecommunication Inc., Phoenix
October 2010 - till date

Trainee Network Administrator
Vegas software Inc., Phoenix
January 2010 - September 2010

Previous Experience

Have 2 years of experience as a systems administrator where I have undertaken responsibilities of setting up and managing the technical network of the organization. My main responsibilities included systems management, network security, upgrading network, monitoring network equipments, managing file servers, configuring routing tables, etc.

Educational Qualifications

Mobility and Flexibility


Alan Green
Technical Manager
Reuters Telecommunication Inc., Phoenix
356 - 741 - 8596

This sample of junior network administrator reflects the importance of this position in an organizational setup. It conveys the key responsibilities that he handles and the skills he uses to fulfill his obligations. Job seekers are free to utilize this information to create their resume by providing details of their career profile in the same template as given here. We hope this resume proves useful in finding the best career opportunities for job seekers.

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